2021 Summer Review


Come see what we did at camp this summer...

Camp and Retreat E-News Oct. 13: Food for Thought | Loving S’mores | Blessings Report | Just say no to the panini press


Rituals around food are powerful. From salmon to s'mores, we explore camp food in this issue.

Camp and Retreat E-News Oct. 6: Holy Land | Wallowa Lake Needs YOU! | Blessings Report | Take the Challenge!


Todd has some terrestrial reflections on holy land, and Wallowa Lake has a challenge for you!

Camp and Retreat E-News Sept. 29: Gazing at Creation | Type-Two Fun | Blessings Report | What’s your focus?


Are you a sky gazer or an earth gazer? And how is gazing connected to camp and retreat ministries?

Camp and Retreat E-News Sept. 22: Creation Speaks! | Indigenous Creation Justice | Blessings Report: a haiku | Joy is like the rain


Does Creation speak to you? You're not just "hearing things"! Read about this holy conversation.

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