Warm Hospitality Transforms at Collins

October 18, 2017

Life is always about transformation. One thing that makes our camps and retreat centers special is that we are places where we are intentionally cultivating positive transformation. Sometimes we are able to direct our hearts and lives to bring about positive transformation, and sometimes the Spirit of God tosses aside our carefully crafted plans and provides us with blessings beyond our imagination.

Over recent months we have undergone a staffing transformation in the kitchen at Alton L Col-lins. Our former Executive Chef, David Bell, decided to move to a different kitchen, and for a while we were trying a variety of different chefs. However, in June we identified a new Executive Chef, Vanessa Allen, who has carried on our tradition for culinary excellence and delightfully surprising our guests with her dishes. She is expanding our use of organic foods, providing greater diversity to our vegetarian and vegan fare, and brings a spirit of joyful service in providing excellent food that is safe for each guest.

You are invited to come to Alton L Collins sometime soon to intentionally renew your spirit and to experience the surprising gift of the Spirit in Vanessa Allen as she nourishes your body with wonderful food.

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